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A Detailed Guide To Prepare Your House For Fence Installation

Have you scheduled a new fence installation service for your property? Then, there are multiple things that you need to consider to ensure the installation is carried out seamlessly. So, for all those getting the fence installed for the very first time, here are some of the quick guidelines that one can follow to prepare their property for a quick fence installation.

Tips to Prepare your House for Fence Installation

After confirming services with companies that install fences RI, one must keep the following things in check to ensure the installation process is carried out easily.

a) Performing Yard Care

It is said that an even and accessible yard makes it easier for professionals to install a fence. So, before the installation is performed, one must ensure that grade work and landscaping is done properly before the professionals arrive.

b) Clearing the Property

After taking proper care of the yard, the next is to declutter the property. One can consider removing personal belongings, rocks, and logs to ensure the fence installation area is clean and ready.

c) Looking for Property Boundaries

The property owners must determine the property boundaries as it is essential to ensure the fence stays on their property. Further, the only legal way to determine that the fence stays on one's property is a property pin.

d) Don't Forget to Check HOA Regulations

Various housing associations demand specific fencing materials. So, before finalizing services for fence installation RI, one can contact the HOA to get details about the regulations, if necessary.

e) Always Mark the Sprinkler Lines

Apart from the things mentioned above, it is also essential that one marks the sprinkler lines too. It is vital that one finds them and marks them. It is not always required to trade sprinkler lines, as one can have both. Also, one can even request the sprinkler lines from the landscaper who installed the line.

f) Inform the Neighbors

One must keep their neighbors informed about the latest development. This way, they will have advance notice if they need to plan anything.

Thus, these are some tips that one could follow to prepare their property for the fence installation. However, if one needs details on the same, one can consider browsing online and accessing the necessary information.

Choosing the Best Fence Installation Company

Further, for those who have not yet finalized a fence installation company, here are some of the points that one needs to consider before finalizing services:

  • Always check the licenses and permits of the service providers.

  • Also, one can read the reviews of the providers to ensure the quality of the services.

  • Do check the reputation and experience of the fence installers.

  • Also, choose the services from the multiple alternatives after comparing the prices.


As fence installation is a significant investment, it becomes essential that one find the best services and get the fence installed properly. So, those looking for reliable companies that install fences RI can consider contacting Encompassing Fences and finding the best team of professionals for their job.

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